Friday, August 3, 2012

Along Came August...

     Hey lovely readers, I know I know its been too long *hides face in shame, its just that I've been going through somethings and some other projects have been taking allot of my time.

So this post isnt really related to fashion nor beauty, its just a post to say hi to all my lovely readers that have been emailing me, tweeting me and commenting on my instagram that they want new post, I know that I've been neglecting this space for a long time now, so I'm here just to chat with you guys, I've missed you so much..

Well where should I start.. hmmmm lets see, oh one of the projects thats been taking a huge slot of my schedule is the designing of my new floor, its been a whirlwind getting it all designed and trying to finish it as soon as possible, I promise you guys as soon as I'm done with it some pics are in order.

Its been suggested that I start my own YouTube channel, what do you guys think?? Should i?
I kinnda like the idea as it will feel like I'm really connecting to you guys <3... id post like outfit of the days, maybe some month favs, some styling tips you know bits and bobs like that.

Id love to give a shout out to some of my followers that recognized me one afternoon in City Center mona,amina,noora and Reem they are sooooo adorable and lovely, it was sooo nice getting to meet you girls and I'm so glad you came up and said hi, I swear guys my readers and followers are Da bomb!!!

So guys since its halfway into Ramadan I want you to tell me what kind of posts you wanna see?? Like styling tips for eid, ways to stay fit and healthy during the month of the ginormous feasts!!
I want YOU guys to tell me what do you wanna see on Its So Shoosh

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Love you guys so much