Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Playing dress up ..

Hello beautiful people,

Even way before Instagram and blogs I loved to take snaps of what I’m wearing just to keep a memory of each outfit I wore, when I look at my pictures from previous year I sometimes do a back flip thinking “How on earth did I leave the house wearing that?!!” but then again every time has its fashion and I guess at that time it was Da bomb!!

Since I haven’t been posting daily looks here because the lack of photos of some of the outfits, I have been posting them on my Instagram account as that can be much simpler all you need is one good shot and your one click away from sharing it with the world, so I thought why not post some of my October outfits that I have snapped. 

If you want to know more deets about the whole outfit just visit my Instagram page and you'll find it all THERE.

Don't You just love Military jackets for fall!! This one is from Pull&Bear

I adome my A2 Belladonna Cardi!!

All Brights for a day at work.

Cupcakes! nuff said!

Hello there Flamingos

Newest obsession Palazzo pants!

roaming around Dubai in my colored Zara cropped pants

Oh for the love of lipsticks..This Ombre skirt came from from Forever 21 <3

 Oh and just as a bonus i thought i'd share two of my sister's outfits i swear sometimes i get jealous of her fashion sense at such a young age!! 

how about them shades!!

That hats pulls the whole outfit together.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Pick me up Monday

Introducing a new segment that I will be “hopefully” Posting every Monday, I’ll share weekly inspirational quotes, pictures and videos, anything really from across the web just to help you get through those pesky Monday blues.

 I hope you guys enjoy it.

Please do not hesitate to tell me what you think and if you think I should add more inspirations about specific things. I love reading your comments! 
Have a Glamorous Week <3