Sunday, December 1, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things: November

Hello my gorgeous readers,,

Oh Em Gee, wait what!! It’s December, where has the year gone?? How can 2013 just fly like that!!

I cannot even fathom this, it’s mind blowing like the year is running away from us, so I hope you spent it well and got to accomplish some of your 2013 goals. 

Anyway since all my favorites post’s are photo heavy and long I shall get right into it.

First let us bring on the beauty favorites

Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner

This right here is a re-discovery, I’ve had this product yet I just stopped using it for a long time and on a random November day I thought why not use it, and OMG I fell in love with it. AGAIN. The texture is so creamy and it dries superfast unlike other liners, and that’s really important to me because I have hooded eye lids.

Color Club nail polish in Baldwin Blues

I have never heard of this brand before, I got it in my November birchbox, it’s actually a lacquer and it’s so beautiful, I don’t remember the last time I only applied one coat of a nail polish on my nails but for this one one coat was all that is needed, it give nails such a glamorous glint.

Rebel by M.A.C

Need I say more? I am guessing this is a staple in every lipstick junkie’s collection; this is just such an appropriate color for these colder months.

Viva Glam I by M.A.C

You guys know I love love love red lipsticks so of course this shade would be one of my favorites, I feel so glam wearing it, for me I am always scared of M.A.C’s matte lipsticks because they tend to dry the lips but I am taking really good care of my lips always moisturizing them.

Honey Girl Organics moisturizer

I love this, I just recently started using it in mid November and let me tell you this; it keeps my face so moisturized and as I have noticed it controls oil as well, but I can’t be the judge of that because I do not have an oily face, one you scoop it up you might feel that it’s heavy, because it’s more of like a butter but once you massage it on your face it takes seconds and dries up leaving you with almost nothing on your face.

And now onto my random favorites

Candle of the month

Henri Bendel scented candle in “Violet”

This candle has always been on my bedside table ever since I got it, even without it burning the scent fills the room, I love it it’s so warm and it smells so nice.

TV show of the month
Ok so I’m going to leave reign out of this because if I mention it every time I do a favorites post you guys will get bored so let’s just say it gets an honorary place <3..

The Vampire Diaries - CW

Hello My Shadow Self, who else has this stuck in their head!!??
Oh my god you guys, Vampire Diaries is blowing the roof off of this place! I have been a loyal VD fan-Helloo #TeamDamon-and I’ve been watching it ever since it premiered, sure somewhere in the past seasons it went very limb and well downhill but this season OH MY GOD; I think this is their best season yet, the events of every episode keeps me hanging over a cliff! any #TeamDamon's in the house??

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland - ABC

This is a Once upon a time spin off which focuses on Alice and her adventures through wonderland, to be honest I put this on my watch list just so I can see the comparison because I adore OUAT, I watched the first episode but I wasn’t convinced with the show, then just so I can say I gave it a chance I watched the second episode and oh boy was it good “Hooked”, I love it, love love the story and how it’s so much different from OUAT yet so similar, if you haven’t checked it out and you like dark sort of fairytales go watch, what are you waiting for!!

Tune of the month

Drive – Miley Cyrus

Don’t judge but I am lovin’ Miley’s Album, I like it, its fun!!!
I have been listening to it a lot for the past month but if I had to choose I guess I’d go for Drive, it’s a very slow, mellow upbeat song if that makes sense, and the beat of it is so fun!

Yellow – Coldplay

I have rekindled my love for this song again, I can’t describe it, it makes me happy, I love to listen to it while driving around on a chilly night, chillaxing with the windows rolled down.

App of the month


I have been traveling for the past month and taking a lot of pictures that I want to share on Instagram but I can’t spam your timeline with all my pictures. Solution? Flipagram, you can choose the pictures you want to post and arrange them the order you want them to appear, add a song to it and it creates a beautiful slideshow sort of video. I LOVE IT!

Food of the month

American Garden Natural flavored POPCORN

Need I say more!

Tea of the month

Nescafe Spiced Chai latte

This is the yummiest, fastest thing in the world, I have a Dolce Gusto machine and it’s so perfect, you just put the tablets in and POOF you have your hot drink in your mug, it’s a chai latte infused with Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves and Ginger.

Fashion item of the month

Wedge white sneakers

The moment I put these on I couldn't resist buying them and not taking them of, I walked out of the store wearing these and a smile, I was so hesitant as to buy a pair of white sneakers, I don’t by white pieces I just admire them from a distance, but these babies captured me, with the golden straps and the white leather <3, and as these things happen to me a lot, I discovered that these are actually similar to Giuseppe Zanotti’s 400 Bahraini Dinars Lorenz sneakers, I just walked into a shop in Kuwait and got them "NBD. So I’m even happier than before, they are so comfortable to wear and so easy to style with anything really, I’ve work them with skirts, leggings and jeans.

Youtuber of the month : MakeUp by Alli

Watch Alli !!! she is so fun to watch and I love just sitting down and watching all her videos back to back, she is funny and gorgeous <3

Book of the month

I have been reading and listening to books like crazy this past month, so I am going to choose two. Sorry.

Catching Fire by  Suzanne Collins

I have kept delaying this book so I can read it right before the movie comes out so I can remember it and I did finish it 3 days before the movie came out-which we will discuss later on- but I loved this book so different and so emotional than the forst one it’s a really good read. I listened to it on Audible and was moved by it, when I finished it a was in a shock for a whole half hour.

Divergent by Veronica Roth

After finishing catching fire I was still in a dystopian mood, so I downloaded Divergent and listened, and LOVED it, it’s hard for me to describe it but it’s really really good plus the movie is coming out in march so read it.

Movie of the month

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Perfection wrapped up I n a movie, this surpassed the first movie, and this book is just better that the first, I loved everything about the movie, the acting, the effects and how all the characters were portrayed I LOVED IT!!