Monday, April 23, 2012

The world Speaks FASHION..

Hey Darlings..

Long time no write, right??

Its just that I'm am drowning in university Work and the job is getting pretty time demanding right now, so I just though of writing you a mini-post BUT I do promise you a real Shoosh blog post PLUS a “its so Shoosh” is welcoming a new face on board..
Changes are on the way and they are all for your entertainment <3 ..

So I thought of introducing you guys to LOOKBOOK.NU ..  Some of you might already know about it but allot of girls don’t, you see is a website that allows Fashion lovers to unite and keep in touch with Global trends and fashion, its very simple....

1-   You sign up.

2-   You browse around.

3-   You like a look?? HYPE.

4-   You like a person’s style?? FAN.
5-   You wanna post your own style?? POST a look.

And that’s all you need to know,,

What I LOVE to do is get inspired by all the looks from all over the world, PLUS if I'm traveling somewhere I like to keep track of what’s in trend at the time I go there like how to fit with the locals...

Have fun Fashion Hunting <3


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