Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trending Affairs: Maxed out

The craze of the maxi skirt came out with a big huge POP.. Suddenly maxi skirts were seen everywhere, from runways to street style to bloggers and to the malls.

They come in all styles and colors, there are straight cuts, A cuts, Pleated, flared and much more..

Anyone can work a maxi school if styling it right, I hear allot of petit girls saying “oh I'm too short to wear one” honey, no one is too short for a maxi..

And I love how maxi skirts are taking over B-town its just so lovely..

So today I Put a couple of outfits for you to be inspired of and try them for yourself..

Max it Out

 So go ahead and max it out



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Winter is Coming ..

Hey Lovelies,

Well since I've been out for a while and the blog was empty and hollow, I've been up to allot of different things, but now I'm back and running I will post weekly inshallah “Fingers crossed that I do”.

For the next couple of weeks I will be posting about Fall/Winter style because I am utterly in love with all the fall/Winter trends and colors, I know I know “ It’s still 40 degrees here in Bahrain Shoosh” you say, well you still can incorporate fall/Winter trends to your summer wardrobe, just till it starts getting chilly, then you can break out the sweaters and boots...

For now I leave you with some of my favorite things about Fall/Winter...

Fall Favorites

1.Hot Chocolate with marshmallows, 2.Big Cozy Sweaters, 3.Dark nail varnish, 4.Scarfs, 5.Boots, 6.Dark Lips, 7.Chai Karrak, 8.Camping