Monday, May 14, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things: April

Hey lovely readers so today I'm going to be talking about my April favorites *I know i know its late* I am trying this thing for the very first time I've seen everyone do it everywhere specially vloggers on YouTube, for those of you that are not familiar with favorites it's just a post or video that a blogger films or writes to just share with their readers what are their favorites for the past month, and that is exactly what I'm going to do; my post is going to be about my favorite beauty products, my favorite accessories and Random favorites of April. So let's start

First let's tackle the beauty products

1- The first thing that deserves an honorable mention is my day cream I'm using the Estée Lauder daywear moisturizer, this product is amazing you don't feel it on your face but you know it's there and with this heat in the Gulf area this thing is amazing I've noticed positive changes in my skin.

2- The other thing I cannot live without is the No7 lift and luminate night cream this thing does wonders for your face I feel a lot of changes happening.

3-  Better exfoliate a lot in the summer because you get rid of all the dead cells and feel the smoothness of your skin so I use the salt scrub which is by a company called kedem I got it from UK and it is just the most amazing thing ever it smells so fresh and when I'm done I use the body butter which smells like mango and I love me some mango!!

4- This next thing isn't just one product but they are three different products but under one category mascaras, I have an obsession with mascaras I'm always on the hunt to find the ones that'll make my Lashes more voluminous and give them more length, in April 
I've been loving these three mascaras
A- benefit's they're real.
 B- Maybelline’s one by one volume express.

C- Lancôme's hypnosis doll eyes.
5- on my face I normally just use corrector and concealer and my favorite correct of this month has been Bobby Brown and my favorite concealer has been Maybelline super stay 24 hr.

6- my go to eyeliner has definitely been the master precise liquid eyeliner from Maybelline I've heard about it and when I tried it wow I fell in love.

7- I am loving Sephora’s bronzer it is huge and amazing and applies so smoothly, and another product I've been loving is Mac's Fleur Power.

8- on my lips I've been changing it up and playing with a lot of different colors mostly pinks and corals I've been loving Rimmel's lipsticks I just found them and I'm loving that they apply so nicely And they smell amazing, plus two Mac lipsticks (yes they are ALL always in my hand bag).

9- the last beauty product I'm going to talk about is nail polish I love me some nail polish I adore me some nail polish and I love to shake up my nail polish Colors I like to use any color I can get my hand on, so some of my go to colors during the month of April was mint green, coral pink, peach, neon pink and neon yellow.

Now that we're done from the beauty products we go to the other random favorites.

1- I've been loving this bag from H&M I pair it with almost everything and I'm not the type of girl that would wear the same bag for more than a week but this bag is just gorgeous.

2- this statement necklace from Forever 21 is beautiful with any outfit it just adds a certain vibe to the outfit. 

3- these rings have been my go to rings, the spiked one is from Diva, and the heart shaped one is from Forever 21.

4- sparkles are my favorite thing so of course I would love these shades from H&M.

5- My favorite candle of the month of April is Caribbean escape from bath and body works...

6- and my favorite TV show for April is NBC's Smash I've been watching from the day it aired but this month I've just been loving it more

7- favorite song of the month is Florence and the machine's Shake it out I love the Smash and glee version of it I'm listening to it non-stop.