Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Lip Product Addict Tag ..

Ciao my bellas,,

Today I am here with a short “Hopefully” post all about Lip products, a while back Essie Button and Amelia Liana Created “ The Lip ProductAddict “ Tag, there are 8 Question to answer all about lip product, which for me is perfect as I am a lip product addict, so lets get to it...

1.   Favorite balm/treatment?

I have two that are my holy grail of lip treatments, The “NUXE” lip balm and Dr. Lipp “Original Nipple Balm For Lips” both are miracle workers!!

2. Best eye-catching red?

NYX “Perfect Red” it’s truly perfect, matte and doesn’t budge all day, it’s very true to color and very eye catching.

3. Best luxury & best drugstore?

Is NARS a luxury? Oh well I would say all my NARS lipsticks, they are just perfect, the pigmentation is amazing and the product its self is very moisturizing, doesn’t dry my lips and stays on for a long time.

I do LOVE drugstore lipsticks and I've recently tried the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms and wow they are good, they do have this sort of minty smell and plump the lips a bit.

4. Best MAC lipstick?

Oh this is a hard one, you know I love me some MAC lipsticks I mean I only own 40 of them!! But I am going to cheat and choose 2 of them.

First is my favorite since I got it which is “Heroine” it is one of the most beautiful true violets I have ever seen, and its in my favorite finish which is the Matte finish.

Please me" is one of my favorite nude pink lipsticks, I love this when I don’t know what color to choose I go for this one, when you go through 3 tubes of a lipstick you know it’s a favorite of yours I guess!

5. The most disappointing?

I would have to say the YSL “Rouge Volupte” I didn’t like the application of the product, its too creamy, and drying, moved everywhere, plus it felt a bit sandy if that makes sense!

6. Liner - yes or no?

Mostly No, I prefer having a softer edge than a pristine sharp edge.

7. Best gloss?

The Maybelline Elixirs, oh my god, perfect perfect perfect!!! My favorite is “Vision In Violet”.

8. Something extra!

I decided I would name my top three bright pink lipsticks, as I am a big fan of neon pink lipsticks.

NARS “SCHIAP” a true hot pink, very easy to apply.

MAC “Flat Out Fabulous” a violet sort of pink with a Matte finish.

MAC “Candy Yum-Yum” a very neon pink with a Matte finish.

Are you a lip product addict too?,

What are your favourite products?




Wednesday, May 7, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things: NYC Edition

Well Hello there,

After much needed break and an adventure of a lifetime I am back to the land of the bloggers, I decided to take a bit of a break from my blog which was a very hard decision because I love you guys and I love talking to you, but in order to fully appreciate the adventure I had to put all my attention to it.

But now as I am back I decided to tell you all about it, first I am starting with this post about the favorite things that I have been using for the past months that I was abroad, as some of you that follow me on instagram – If you don’t you totally should- know that I was living it up in NYC for the past couple of months, I was interning in my field of study and it was a BLAST!

I tried SO MANY different new products as we here in Bahrain are very limited when it comes to beauty products, so I am here to share the things I have LOVE the most!!!

Enjoy <3

As always we are starting with beauty products

Stila Stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner in intense black

After using thin brushes and gel liner I wanted a liner that I can apply fast, so I looked at a lot of pen liner and went through a lot till I found this one and oh my how I love it, it doesn’t dry I have mine now for about 4 months, it doesn’t crease or budge I used to put this when I went out for work at 8:30 and it stays till night time when I wipe it off.

Stila Smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in Cobalt

You know me I get bored of black liner and I need to change it from time to time, I never tried anything but liquid to line my upper lid but I took a risk with this one after picking it up so many times and putting it back down, and let me tell you this WOW, literary doesn’t smudge and stays on all day long!

Cover Girl Lash blast volume Mascara in Very Black
Hands down the best, I have been dying to try cover girl for a long time especially this mascara, and as soon as I found myself at target I picked it up and oh my my it is amazing!

Benefit GimmeBrow in Medium/Deep
Perfect for filling those areas that cant be filled by shadow or liner, this has fiber so it gives some volume to your brows.

Anastasia Brow powder duo in Dark Brown
I was very hesitant on getting this, I didn’t like the color, it was hard to use, but when I ran out of my benefit Browzing I picked this up and it was like “ Where have you been all my life”, perfect color combo, gives amazing texture and is very compact to carry.

Nars Radiant creamy concealer in Ginger
You know I love me some Nars, and I am a lover of their concealers, this time I picked up one that is a shade lighter than the one I would normally get, and my my did it make some changes, I love it, its thick and creamy that it covers a lot but doesn’t feel heavy on your face, no matter what concealer I try this will forever be my holy grail of concealers!

Smash Box Photo finish foundation primer
I have tries this in another shade before but I never tried the normal one, I got it as a sample from Sephora and it lasted me months, and I loved how it made my skin smooth and filled the gaps I had and my makeup would last a lifetime when I have it on!

BareMinerals Original Foundation in Medium tan
I have never tried these just for the fear of not knowing how to use it, I walked into their store there and had a professional teach me how to apply it, now I LOVE it, it feels light and smooth as if your not wearing a powder at all!

Nars Bronzer/Blush Duo in Casino/Sin
Nars again, I picked this up just because I was traveling for the weekend and wanted something compact, I picked these two duo because I had all the other and let me just tell you this Laguna is over rated, if you ask me Casino is where the you should be spending your money, not too orange not too brown a perfect bronze, and the blush sin is just so gorgeous on the skin it gives a dewy glow.

Nars Blush in Seduction
Perfect burgundy for the winter <3

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in ST.MORTIZ
I went a shade lighter again and it is the perfect shade for me, I've talked about this product so much sometime ago and I still stick to what I say, drop the foundations and stick to moisturizers ladies, gives the right amount of coverage yet benefits the skin at the same time.

Urban Decay – Naked 3
Didn’t think I would like naked3 until the day I picked it up and I couldn’t use anything else but it, maybe I’ll do my review on it in another post.

Dr. Jart O2 Cleansing foam
My skin was having a rough time adjusting to the severe cold weather, I went into Sephora and asked for a good cleanser for my breakouts, the first 3 times I tried this it rejuvenated my skin, left it feeling fresh and clean!

Dior Hydra life pro youth silk cream
Same thing goes for this I needed a good hydrating moisturizer and I was recommended this and wow did it hydrate my fry flaky skin!

Nail polish

Julep – Bette

Julep – Candace

Butter London – LA Moss

Formula X for Sephora – Pedal to the Metal


Mac – Heroine

My all time favorite, I have been looking for a color similar to a pure violet, it was buy at first sight!

Mac – Diva
Perfect winter color!

NYX – Perfect Red
The name says it all!

Maybelline – Elixir in Vision in Violet
One thing you outta know about me is I hate gloss or anything that resembles a gloss! But with this I ventured and bought it just for the color and when I applied this it felt so moisturizing and looked so good, every time I wore this I get heaps of compliments.

Clarisonic MIA 2
Finally got one and my skin hasn’t felt the same ever!

It smells so amazing, I’m bad at describing fragrances but go to your nearest Sephora and smell this it is divine!

Urban Decay – All nighter makeup setting spray
Something that I cannot live without, keeps my makeup intact and my face looking refreshed and glowing.

Random Favorites 

Raw Juice especially from Juice Press if your ever in NYC skip Jamba juice and go to juice press you can find them everywhere around the city.

TV show of the month

You guys, do I need to mention Reign here? I think it already has its throne in this category.

Brooklyn nine-nine - FOX


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much charisma this lot has! They are so funny and perfect together, in these 20 minutes I laugh my heart out and dive into the adventures of these detectives, plus the Peralta – holt relationship is just so funny!

Resurrection - ABC

Oh my god has ABC hit the jackpot with this one, it has all the ingredients to a great show, Aliens / People returning from death / little kid that connects it all and a clever against all odds detective, I am always left intrigued after each episode I always want to know more, it is one of the best mid season shows, if you haven’t seen it go watch it it’s an 8 Episode season which just ended.

Tune of the month

Battlefield - Lea Michele

such a beautiful song from the glee star, Lea Michele's Album is all just breathtaking.

All Of Me – John Legend

I first heard this on the radio in Florida and I didn’t know who sang it or the lyrics but the melody is very catchy and beautiful and so are the lyrics as I later found out “ You’re my perfect imperfection” Guys I need a moment now!

App of the month


In the city where you walk and ride the subway everywhere you need some sort of entertainment, enter Pandora, creates a playlist from the song you initially choose, I loved this <3

Food of the month

Chips Ahoy
They just taste better in the states

Tea of the month

Vanilla Chai Latte From Starbucks

I went there every morning and got my fix, if you ever find yourself in the 29th ST. 5th Ave Starbucks tell them Shoug says Hi, the friendliest and happiest baristas.

Fashion item of the month

Pointed Shoe/Sandals – Forever 21

Rose Gold Sunnies – Urban Outfitters

Person of the month: Jenn Im

First of all can we talk about her hair !! Major Hair Crush!! She is so funny, real and just a bubbly personality that you will enjoy watching, and lets not talk about that shoes collection, me and you both sister!!

Book of the month

I finally got me a Kindle I got the paper white, which is amazing I can spend hours reading on that thing!

The Selection & The elite By Kiera Cass
Another dystopian world book, this time it’s like the bachelor just for younger audience and you get a crown too!!
A bunch of girls are selected to go live in the castle so the prince can choose a bride, there are eliminations and drama!

I heart New York By Lindsey Kelk

A lovely book and just light to read about falling in love with the city I have fallen for.

Movie of the month


Been waiting forever for this and I loved it, ofcours the book is always better but I did love seeing everything I read about come to life!

Phew! Finally we have reached the end, comment bellow and tell me what you have been loving in the past months and if you have any products for me to try..