Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fashionable living: A dream, a wish and a closet full of shoes..

Ciao Bella,,

Introducing a segment i would love to do each saturday, since i am an interior designer and another passion of mine is designing so why not help you guys out as much as i can, i really hope you enjoy these types of post and please i would love to here your ideas and suggestions for next posts, just comment below)

Let's talk about home design and decorating, since I'm in the midst of moving rooms and designing my new bedroom, closet, office/living room and going through all the hassle of furnishing and decorating, I wanted to share a couple of ideas with you guys about that, if your thinking of redesigning your bedroom, apartment house just read on and if you want any help don’t hesitate and contact me, I am an interior designer you know!! 

So contact me either here on the blog or using any social network platforms, just a reminder about where you can find me,

 Twitter: @shougalebrahim

Instagram: @ItsSoShoosh

A paradise to escape to: Inspiring bedrooms

A Dream turned into a reality: Inspiring closets (P.S this room has a lot of pictures because its the room im having most fun designing!!!)

A serene Melody: Inspiring home offices

A shifted reality: Inspiring living rooms

Next week we'll discuses dorm rooms and other bits and bobs
 Specifically for students abroad that are looking to spice up their dorm rooms...