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These are a few of my favorite things: March

Hola darlings,

So now that April is here, its time for monthly favorites..

*Monthly Favorites Dance*

So lets jump right into it..

First let me share my beauty favorites,

Pro Longwear Concealer – Mac cosmetics

 Pro LongWear concealer - Mac cosmetics

I've been going for a more simple look this past month just some concealer, a blush and sometimes if I'm feeling fancy; contouring & highlighting and a bit of eyeliner, so I've been LOVING this product, I got it on February and have been wearing it since then.

Deep Throat Blusher – Nars cosmetics

Nars Deep throat Blusher - Sephora

This blush is absolutely Gorgeous!!! It’s a pinkish peachy shade with golden specks that give amazing highlight tor the apple of your cheeks.

Laguna Bronzer – Nars cosmetics

Nars laguna Bronzer - Sephora

This is my favorite bronzer, hands down.
I don’t know why I've waited so long to get it but I got it about two months ago and I swear this product is a miracle worker!!, it has just the perfect amount of gold specks to give you that dewy fresh look.

Soft & Gentle mineralize skin finish – Mac cosmetics

Soft & Gentle mineralized skinfinish - Mac Cosmetics

Do you need an instance face-lift on those extra hard mornings? Just brush a light layer of this product on your cheekbones and voilà you are ready to face the day! This is such a gorgeous pick me up, and it’s a must for those rough mornings.

Buxom mascara - Bare Escentuals Beauty

Buxom Mascara -  Sephora

I got this mascara in my PopSugar must have March box, and the minute I tried it on I fell in love with it, it was like magic on a wand, it instantly gave my eyelashes the curve, volume and length they desperately need, lets face it I have really short eyelashes so I'm very picky about choosing my mascara’s.

Meet Matt(e) Eye Shadow pallete – The Balm

Meet Matt(e), The Balm - Nordstorm

What can I say about this pallete it is such a perfect amazing pallete, it has great everyday colors ranging from neutrals to pinks and blues, and I love how every eyeshade color has a person’s name for instance my favorite go to color Is called “Matt Gallagher”.

Please Me Matte lipstick – Mac cosmetics

Please Me lipstick - Mac cosmetics

My all time favorite color, this is just a light shade of pink yet its not bright, when ever I feel like I wanna go with something subtle I just grab this shade and I'm ready to go, I got this lipstick last year I think and I just rediscover my love for it.

Jungle red lipstick – Nars cosmetics

Jungle Red lipstick by Nars - Sephora

Oh my god!! Whenever I wear this lipstick I find my self getting a lot of compliments and a lot of questions about it, this is a gorgeous shade of orangey red yet its not that orange and it tend to change color depending on your skin tone I've noticed, but this past month whenever I wanted a POP color I just dab this on and I'm happy as a unicorn.

Tidal Nail varnish – TopShop

Tidal nail varnish - TopShop(similar colors)

If you are looking for that light skyline pale blue; this is the color for you, I've been loving using this on my nails It makes me very happy when seeing it and it just looks like spring.

Now on to my favorite skin Care products,

Skin Recovery Cream – Avene

This is a miracle worker, I have been struggling with dark marks on the right side of my face specifically on my cheeks and they really were affecting my mood as well because of how it looks, after reading a lot and researching what can help me get rid of it I went to boots and picked up the Avene Skin recovery cleansing program, there are there products; a cleansing face wash, a toner and the moisturizer, and trust me when I tell you this these products have been huge helpers in recovering my skin.

Moisturizer mask – Yves Rocher

intensive moisture mask - Yves Rocher

Sometimes when I feel my face is feeling a bit dry and it need an extra dose of moisture I apply this mask on my face and leave it for about five minute and instantly my face feels fresh and calm.

And now for the Random Favorites,

Favorite Songs
When I was your man – Bruno Mars
Demons – Imagine dragons “I love all of the songs on their album (night Vision)”

Favorite munchies
Kambly twists “Salted Puff pastries”

Innocent pure fruit smoothies

 I've been really big on smoothies, sometimes I like to mix my own and other times when I'm in a hurry I just have one of these, they have a lot of flavor but my favorite so far is this “pineapples, bananas & coconuts” blend.

Favorite read

The Help by Kathryn Stockett – this book is just amazing, its well written and the story itself is just mesmerizing and intriguing, personally all racist stories and 60's themed stories always get me!!
 I've not actually read the book, but I've listened to it, which I'm going to mention below.

Favorite Show

The Carrie Diaries – Gosh I just love everything about this show, the fashion, the friendships, the frenemies and the drama of being a teenager in the 80’s. Plus Anna Sophia Robb ad Carrie Bradshaw is just amazing she is a really great fit for the part.
If you haven’t checked it out, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!

Favorite app

Oh my god guys, I've discovered audible after watching Meghan Rosette's February favorites

I instantly downloaded the app and subscribed and was hooked ever since I listed to books in the car, while working, while getting ready in the morning even while I'm sleeping, this is just one cool tool for bookworms that sometimes don’t have the time to sneak in novels and its FUN too its like watching a movie.

 so you download the app, register and start shopping on the website, then when you have purchased your book just go to the app again and download the boon and just like that you are ready to listen..

Favorite candle

Paris Daydream – it really truly smells like Paris in spring, a musky yet floral smell.

So mochachos those were all my favorites from March, I hope you have a wonderful April and may it be ever so graceful and colorful!!!


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