Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I know what you did last year...


hey guys, i know i know i promised to post more often...sorry, well this is just a random post to satisfy you guys,,, enjoy ...

I once knew a girl who was very shy, not outgoing and very nervous around people, she was one of those girls that if you got to talk to for the very first time you’d think that she was full of her self and looked down on people just because she didn’t really talk that much during the conversation, she would sometime overlook a person that she knew if she came face to face with them somewhere, but you see its not because she was so full of herself, no it was quite the opposite, that girl was very self cautious and did not know how to talk to people she didn’t already know, she would get nervous and get sweaty pals and would just feel awkward.

That girl was Me.

But then something amazing happened, University, a place that is so diverse so different than what I was used to, first day of this new phase of my life I made my father take me to my first class and wait with me until the professor showed up, that day I remember I made my first university friend, she was such an amazing girl, and she still is, that girl made everything easy, she was very friendly, outgoing, inviting I felt no sense of awkwardness at all, she was my savior without her I do not know who would I be in uni, and like a flower she attracted the bees from everywhere and every kind and soon enough we had a decent group and it all started from there, now 3 years later “maybe I should say 4” reflecting on the past I can surly say this, I have changed allot, my personality has grown more than one way, it blossomed in a very outgoing, mind speaking, friendly and social way, and I owe it all to this amazing thing called university, you might think what is she talking about now, well that was all a semi-intro :p …

A year ago I decided I would make 2011 the best year ever!!!. I vowed that I would say YES to every opportunity that was thrown at me never looking back or overthinking them, and believe me it was the BEST year ever!!!! And I'm talking about the last university year…

I got to know a group of friend that I swear I cannot find friends that would understand me and love me like they do and take as manny pictures as we do LOL, sure I've known them the less but the amount of love I feel for them cannot be compared, they are wonderful and spectacular, I entered the student body elections and won, and that my dear readers was just an amazing experience its self, I traveled with my friends, I had amazing adventures with my friends right now when graduation comes to my mind I feel suffocated and depressed, like I will burst up in tears any second, I cannot imagine that a day will come that I wont be waking up everyday and go to uni to find my friends sitting on the usual table and laughing about silly inside jokes and stressing about exams, well until that day I’ll be enjoying the last semester we have together <3 …


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In a world of dreams she lives..

Sorry for the disappearance guys its just that I've been out of the country a lot this month and haven’t had any chance to open my laptop and get a good Wi-Fi signal to blog, but have no fear Shoosh is here…

Forest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re going to get”.

In life there’s the bitter and there’s the sweet, there’s dark and there’s light, sometime life throws you a curve ball and tells you to deal with it and sometime it opens all its doors for you urging you and inviting you to come on in.

Today while playing my iPod on shuffle a Selena Gomez song came up “Hit the lights” it’s a very bubbly fun song to dance along to but if you just stop and listen to the lyrics you would come to find that there is meaning behind this song, it talks about the chances that you want to take but your too afraid to take, or that someone that you wanted to talk to but never got around to do so, the moments in life where you screwed and just gave up trying to get it right.

This got me to wander of in my own mind, looking here and there in the corners of my mind at those dusty dreams, the one I'm putting in hold, or the ones that I think are going to be imposable to complete, well ladies and gentlemen; the word impossible it self says IMpossible (I-AM-POSSIBLE), although I have no idea when and how am I going to get to live those dream and turn them into reality I know one thing, that someday will come and that I am going to achieve something that my parents and I would be proud of.

Talking about dreams is easy but turning them to a reality is the most hardest thing ever, especially if you get the doors of life slammed in your face too many times, and believe me I had my fair share of slammed doors, yet I still continue to look for that one door that will lead me to the perfect road, to my destiny.

My post was suppose to end there but then I thought why not get a little personal and blog about some of my dreams and how I'm trying to achieve them and if I am encountering obstacles along the way, well you see I have major and minor dreams that I will randomly mention here in this post.
NEWYORK, oh that city and its lights, it just attracts me in the strangest way possible, I know I know its so cliché right? but before new york I used to have a crush on Australia but more recently say 3 years ago I've developed a new crush on the city that never sleeps, I honestly think I was born in the wrong country don’t get me wrong I ADORE my country and I adore my heritage and beliefs, but a part of me feels I so wasn’t made to live in a small country that is very limited, but a place like new york well that will be just a hoot to live in and work in, my dream is to visit new york for the first time by myself, why you ask?, well dear readers I want to get lost in NYC I want to discover its streets and spots for simply that city lures me with the diverse culture and personalities, all I can say is one day new york, one day.

I am currently writing a novel, it’s a general fiction one I just wish that I'm more motivated to continue writing daily and not neglect it, but its hard because university work is getting in the way LOL, my dream is to be a published writer and achieve something and make someone out of myself, writing has always been a hobby of mine I have written and finished an Arabic novel that I thinks deserves to be turned into a Ramadan TV show LOL, I have 2 that are in a pending stage, and a couple of personal short novellas.

Well guys in order to keep you exited and not bored I will stop here and I will see you on my next post which hopefully wont take as long as this one.

Until then,


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Story Of "S"


Ahooooy me mateeeees…

Errr, ok that was a very stupid way to start off this blog LOL..

So anyway guys this is Shoug and well this is my blog!?? *Wind whistling- silence*, so today 12.12.11 I’ve decided heck why not start a personal blog other than my other anonymous one, I mean alotta peeps are doing it – I salute you Bahraini writers for your creativity and awesomeness- carrying on, this blog isn’t specific its not a fashion blog nor a lifestyle blog nor a FOOD blog, no my pretties its ALL of the above, oh and a side note yes my other blog will not be uncovered it will still stay anonymous and loyal to my followers and readers over there, I dunno why but its fun being anonymous so lemme be okaaaay…
Just to start off and give you a glimpse about me, well as we mentioned before my name is Shoug but my friends call me Shoosh, I am 21 – whoa for a minute I was gonna write 19, oh time flies- years old, I am a senior at Ahlia university majoring in interior design, the name of this blog was created by my ever so amazing best friend "Mar" the reason for the name is because when anyone i know see's something unique and colorful they just say "It's So SHOOSH" so yeah... lets see what else *Thinking* well I guess that’s all you need to know for now, the rest is gonna come by following my blog and reading about me!!
TaTa my lovelies