Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Story Of "S"


Ahooooy me mateeeees…

Errr, ok that was a very stupid way to start off this blog LOL..

So anyway guys this is Shoug and well this is my blog!?? *Wind whistling- silence*, so today 12.12.11 I’ve decided heck why not start a personal blog other than my other anonymous one, I mean alotta peeps are doing it – I salute you Bahraini writers for your creativity and awesomeness- carrying on, this blog isn’t specific its not a fashion blog nor a lifestyle blog nor a FOOD blog, no my pretties its ALL of the above, oh and a side note yes my other blog will not be uncovered it will still stay anonymous and loyal to my followers and readers over there, I dunno why but its fun being anonymous so lemme be okaaaay…
Just to start off and give you a glimpse about me, well as we mentioned before my name is Shoug but my friends call me Shoosh, I am 21 – whoa for a minute I was gonna write 19, oh time flies- years old, I am a senior at Ahlia university majoring in interior design, the name of this blog was created by my ever so amazing best friend "Mar" the reason for the name is because when anyone i know see's something unique and colorful they just say "It's So SHOOSH" so yeah... lets see what else *Thinking* well I guess that’s all you need to know for now, the rest is gonna come by following my blog and reading about me!!
TaTa my lovelies

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