Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Winter is Coming ..

Hey Lovelies,

Well since I've been out for a while and the blog was empty and hollow, I've been up to allot of different things, but now I'm back and running I will post weekly inshallah “Fingers crossed that I do”.

For the next couple of weeks I will be posting about Fall/Winter style because I am utterly in love with all the fall/Winter trends and colors, I know I know “ It’s still 40 degrees here in Bahrain Shoosh” you say, well you still can incorporate fall/Winter trends to your summer wardrobe, just till it starts getting chilly, then you can break out the sweaters and boots...

For now I leave you with some of my favorite things about Fall/Winter...

Fall Favorites

1.Hot Chocolate with marshmallows, 2.Big Cozy Sweaters, 3.Dark nail varnish, 4.Scarfs, 5.Boots, 6.Dark Lips, 7.Chai Karrak, 8.Camping



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