Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Key to Radiance.. (My Skincare)

Yes yes, I have been gone for a while, we’ll just hug and move on...

For the past year I have been trying a lot of skin cleansers, moisturizers, and just a lot of skin care products until I stuck to a couple of products that I think are the best for my skin, yes they are amazing!!

How do I know that?

Well I do get a lot of questions about what foundation I use when I don’t have any foundation on, plus you just notice when your face is all clear and as soft as a baby’s bottom – are babies bottoms that soft though LOL- anyway, so I thought why not share with the world what I do and the products I use ..

Before we start keep in mind that I used to have some problems with my skin, a lot of breakouts, some pigmentation, and dark spots.

Now my skin is normal, doesn’t get oily fast, and doesn’t get any dry patches, and no pigmentation what so ever. But I do get those pesky breakouts once in a while if I don’t control them.

First and foremost, YOU HAVE TO REMOVE YOUR MAKE UP BEFORE GOING TO BED!! Or else you’re just going to trap oil and sweat under a layer of foundation, bronzer, and blush!!

Tip: Try reducing the use of wet wipes, as they harm your skin in the long run, they are very harsh and may damage your skin.

Tip: Drink water, keep your skin hydrated especially during summer!!

o Removing my eye makeup: using BioDerma H2O

o  Removing my face makeup: I Choose the cleanser I want to use that night, and that depends on my makeup or my skin condition.

1-  Alba botanica Good&Clean daily detox foaming cleanser.

2-  Dr.Jart+ Black label detox O2 cleansing foam

I squeeze a dab on my Clarasonic Mia 2, and I start with my cheeks then move on to my T zone – Do your own thing here.

o Deep Cleansing: this time I choose a deeper cleanser to get into those pores and get all the oils out.

1-  First aid beauty Facial radiance polish
2-  Origins checks and balances frothy face wash
3- Laura Mercier Flawless skin face polish

o Toning the face: I always use a toner after I've cleansed because it restores the natural oils that the cleanser stripped off of your face, my go to is the First aid beauty facial radiance pads

o Spray: Nature girl’s IMMORTELLE MIST which is rose water

o Moisturizing: last step before bed is moisturizing the face using my Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins, I massage the product onto my face and neck.

o MaskTwice a week I use the mask of magnaminty from LUSH. It is heaven for the skin, it opens up the pores and cleanses the face 100% leaving it fresh and spotless.

And Voilà, it may sound like a long process but in truth it all takes less than 5 minutes!!

And what’s 5 minutes to having beautiful clear skin, guys-I’ll just assume guys read my blog though I doubt it but if you are a guy than I'm high fiving you right now- and girls your skin is worth it, don’t suffer from dry skin, acne and dark spots and wish for them to disappear, GO MAKE THEM DISSAPEAR!!

Until next time Mon amours


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