Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh for the love of Fashion..

Hey Dolls...

I know, I know... it’s been a LOOOOONG time, but have no fear Shoosh is here...
I faced a bit of an issue with my blog but never the less I AM BACK...
*Warning: This Post is picture heavy..*

And boy do I have a post for you girls, since yesterday was the “Official” Launch of Marni for H&M, and so many girls bid farewell to their beds early in the morning, grabbed their coffee and headed out to Bahrain City Center to stand in the queue for god knows how many hours before they can actually get it... Well dear readers I didn’t do any of that, although planning it moths ago, getting ready for the big day and when that day arrived everything fell through, you see the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature has started from Tuesday the 6th of March and it will persist until Saturday the 10th of March, and me being an avid reader I knew I HAD to be in Dubai I mean come on where else would I get the chance to meet NICHOLAS SPARKS!!! –For those of you who don’t know him SHAME ON YOU, but he is the author of The Notebook, Dear John, A Walk to Remember... etc.- So I made a plan...

I would travel on Thursday afternoon after a morning spent in H&M getting all the goodies, but alas dear readers the plan as I said before “fell through” because there wasn’t a flight leaving in the afternoon, it’s either morning or nadaa, so I had to settle, I convinced myself that it’s fine I can stand not getting my hands on the yummy Marni pieces and maybe just maybe I’d find SOME in Dubai...

Come Thursday morning, Bag packed, ID ready and on the way to the airport...
My Mum and I Arrived in Dubai at about 10 AM Local time, got to our hotel, settled in and headed for a day of shopping in Dubai Mall, as soon as I reached H&M I was greeted by a beautiful red Carpet along with a standing Banner that had Marni all over it, it was truly Magnificent, and when I glanced at the inside of the store I FROZE... it was 2 PM and the place was STOCKED with Marni, dragging my mother with me I spent a good hour browsing through EVERYTHING and having the privilege to browse quietly and undisturbed and later on emerged out of the place with 2 large bags and one small one SCORE I got what I wanted, except for the beautiful colorful necklace L.. But it’s ok, I'm good..
The Red carpet from the inside

Closer look at the banner

MEEEE Happily posing with my purchases

Later on I continued shopping and here is my Marni haul and the other things I bought...

Ohhhh this skirt <3

Adore this bright colorful scarf

These weren't on my list but as soon as i saw them i was IN LOVE

Ohhh Yeah,, funky glasses

Peach Pastel Dress from Zara

Colorful pastel palazzo pants from Zara

Light Nude colored Skirt from Zara

Mint Green Blazer from Zara

Got My 2 lush bath bombs and the bubblegum lip scrub

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Tote, Burnt Orange

Restocked on my Naked 1
Found some cool car plates in a market at festival city mall
and that is all my lovelies, i will see you on my next post hopefully tonight...

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