Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In the Face of True love we just don't give up...

Sooo yeah I just finished watching the 100th Episode of GOSSIP GIRL *Sigh* I adore this show so much and have been watching it since it first aired back in 2007, I remember first hating chuck and having weird controversial feelings for Blair and loving Serena and then as the episodes unfolded I grew more and more closer to the gang and it was like I was there with them living every moment, fast-forward and were in 2012 and Blair is a Bride now WOOOW a long way from being Queen B to Princess Blair…

Honestly I do not know how I feel about this episode, I loved it yet I hated it but one thing for sure is that it BLEW my mind right out of my head and KILLED me…

Theses GIFs and Images really say it just about right…

My feelings of Gossip Girls 100th Episode
When it started:
When I saw Louis saying "Can you belive she’s marrying me":
When Eleanor said to Chuck "So are you going to stop this thing or what?"
When Chuck comes to church to talk to Blair and say "Please don’t marry him."& "I did she's standing right in front of me right now.":
And when Blair says she’s going to marry Louis:
When Blair and Louis are in altar and then Chuck appear in the back of the church:
When Gossip Girl post about Chuck And Blair and Blair runs:
When Chuck comes to talk to her and she just choose Louis in front of him:
When I saw that Louis and Blair got married:
When I saw Louis was a freak, jerk, psychopath prince:
When Blair takes a car to run to Chuck:
When I saw Georgina was Gossip Girl?

Disclaimer: images have been obtained through Tumblr ...  


  1. HAHAHAH, that's soo funny...!!! xD

  2. HAhaha, never too late for a good laugh! XXX, S.