Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dream a little dream of me ..

Hey lovely readers,

You know that feeling you get in your guts, that feeling when you know something big is bound to happen to you, something amazing, something spectacular, well I have that feeling everyday but instead of making me feel good about myself it just makes me feel terrible and sad that I still haven't done anything major for my life, I don’t have something to show off and I still haven't left my print on the world, and that feeling is magnified especially when my birthday is approaching, just to make it clear my birthday isn’t really right around the corner, I will be turning 22 in may BUT I thought I would share with you guys my 23 before 23 –yes I said 23 well because 4 months isn’t really my goal – so by 17.May.2013 – itha allah 7yana – I hope I would have accomplished at least 85% of the goals on this list, and here we go …
1-   Take Piano lessons.

2-   Travel and have an adventure in New York and LA.

3-   Publish my first novel.

4-   Go to a Katy Perry Concert.

5-   Read 10 – 15 Novels and books I haven’t read before.

6-   Keep updating my blog regularly.

7-   Ride in a hot air balloon.

8-   Dye my hair a light color or get ombre tips.
9-   Keep a weekly vlog for my older self to watch.
10-   Start exercising regularly.

11-   Create a pretty cool home studio.
12-   Design my ultimate perfect room, closet and bathroom. 

13-   Learn how to cook new exotic dishes.

14-   Start saving up for my dream internship (2013, fingers crossed)

15-   Take loads of photos.

16-   New years eve in New York.

17-   Bungee jump.

18-   Sky dive.

19-   Take a drive doing nothing with my best friend around my beautiful country.

20-   See a Broadway show.

21-   Volunteer more.

22-   Donate blood.
23-   Organize my closet and donate the clothes I don’t need to people who really need them.

And remember it is never too late to start making your dreams a reality....



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  1. Lovely!
    We have a lot in common