Thursday, January 5, 2012

A new Year, A new You..

i know i know, i did say i wasn't gonna post soon but i missed you readers <3...

Well ladies we have made it through to 2012, weve kissed 2011 goodbye and are now welcoming 2012 with open arms, all I can say is throw your worries behind your back and face life with a bright smile, but if your still afraid to show those pearly whites and face off a new year with a new you here are some tips to just give you that push and help you start fresh.

Organize your Threads

Hey, lemme tell you something, you see that top thats just hanging on for dear life, that dress that has been on the hanger longer than its been on you, girl take the hint and get it out, there are a lot of clothes in our closet that we havent worn in over a year or maybe less but never the less we havent worn it in a long time, Donate them and toss anything thats beyond repair.

**Hint* you can always have a privet fashion show by wearing them to decide if its a trend or a dread!!

Remodel, Makeover and freshen up

I am talking about your personal space, where ever you live whether its your own room at home or a dorm abroad, spice up that space your in, I mean you have been living a year or so facing the same design, so make some time and start spicing up your space.
If youre not sure where to start I have few tips and ideas for you:

  • ·      Play with you décor and furniture and switch it up.
  • ·      Sick of the same sheets, change em.
  • ·      Re organizes your dresser.
  • ·      Add some art to your room.

A new year, A new you

Try on new style and new looks, you dont have to go all extreme and crazy here, just do what you feel comfortable with and find what simply makes you feel like you, and you never know you might discover a couple of looks you love, try these tips to add some cha-cha to your image:

  • ·      Get a haircut. Whether youre just in for a trim or cutting your bangs or getting a whole new hairdo or youre in for some color change, changing your hair will just make you feel fresh and new.
  • ·      Play with you makeup. Create new looks other than your normal get to look that you put on everyday, yes girls I am talking about that winged black eyeliner and those pinks lips try something new like colored eyeliner, and if your used to just wearing nude lipsticks try some pop of color you might end up liking it.
  • ·      Experment with fashion. Try on looks and styles that you never wear, go on try those metallic pants that youve been eyeing, or that extra colored top youve picked up times and times yet failed to buy it.

Fill up on the Pluses +++++

Life sometimes gets us, it pushes us down and walks all over us, but thats fine because you can always master up the strength to get up and walk again and you can do that wearing a smile, most important is how you feel about yourself, love yourself and trust it because in the midst of it all that will be your salvation from all the negatives of the world, its also important how you feel about the people around you and the perception of our situations, so if one day your feeling blue and outta luck just remember these simple things:

  • ·      You are in control. You have the control over you destiny, where you go and how you feel, you cant always predict what will happen in your life, but you can control how you respond to it.
  • ·      Exercise and meditate. You have no idea the impact a little medication has on your soul, it can purify it and leave it calm and with a clear head, give yourself 5 minutes to just sit there and clear your head
  • ·      Dont dwell on the past. You are living in the NOW, the past is OVER thats why we say WAS, but all you have to do is live the NOW and think about the LATER, and from there just smile and walk on.



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