Monday, July 8, 2013

The Hilal of Ramadan

Hello darlings,

Well it’s that time of the year again, a time where it comes down to how strong your faith is and how much you’re heart and soul wants Allah’s Mercy.
It’s Ramadan...
Ramadan is my favorite month, I love everything about it, the general atmosphere, going to the mosque, reading Quran with the family, staying up late, visiting family and of course the food!!
If I should write everything I love about the month I would still be here after days writing, so anyhow the point of my post today is just to say “Mubarak 3aleekm elshahar, w allah yt8abal mina w mnkm 9ali7 el a3mal”

I’ll leave you off with some tips to keep your skin and body healthy while fasting:
1-  Drink loads of water when you break your fast, just not all at once, instead drink water between your meals it will keep your skin and body hydrated.

1-  Eat moderately when you break your fast, your stomach hasn't had a thing in over 10 hours so don’t just go and stuff yourself with loads of food, your stomach needs to readjust or else you will just feel stuffed and your stomach might act up, I know it all looks and smells so good but don’t worry you have loads of time later to enjoy it.

1-  Get enough sleep, remember your body is running on that meal that you had early at dawn so you might feel a bit tiered and fatigued so just try to rest to regain some energy.

1-  Use moisturizer on daily bases, I know most girls tend to not wear a lot of makeup in Ramadan, if your thinking of doing that remember that moisturizer is your best friend, it will help keep your face hydrated and prevent breakouts caused by dehydration.

1-  Eat fresh fruits and vegetables because they are rich in water and fiber. They help reduce thirst, plus you’ll be stocking up on vitamins.


- S

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