Tuesday, July 9, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things: May&June

Ciao Darlings,

 Well, can you believe it!! We are half way through 2013!! Hello July!! How did the year go by so quickly!!?

Today I'm here to share with you my May & June favorites, so without further ado here they are..
 *Monthly Favorites Dance*

First lets start with my beauty favorites

Ronnie red MAC lipstick

Its a twist from the normal Red color, i am loving wearing this with golden eyeshadows.

 This is a gorgeous pink; its is a statement all by its self, i love wearing this with blue eyeliner or a black cat eye.

Notice how much i am loving bright lipsticks?? well this one is no different this orange is unlike any orange, its like a mix of orange and red, i always get complements whenever i wear it.

Electric blue H&M eyeliner

 my favorite blue eyeliner, i love how this has a metallic finish to it plus it is so easy to apply.

Fit me Maybelline concealer

 i bought this when i was in a hurry and my mac pro long wear  concealer was finished, this turned out to be the best concealer i have tried, its easy to apply and it blends flawlessly.

H&M bronzing powder

 This product is a basic thing for me, i always have it in reach even if its not what I'm using at the time, but these past months i have rediscovered the glory that is this bronzer, i use it to contour and it does an amazing job at it.

Prom Princess MAC blush

What can i say about this other than I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT.

Devine Swine OPI nail polish

And now onto my random Favorites

- Favorite Candle:

Cranberry pear Bellini B&BW Candle 
This smells so amazing, its like a summer party melted into a candle.
- Favorite Fashion items:

H&M blue ivory necklace

Floral Sunnies, I got these from The Celebrity Closet and I cant stop wearing them, they are such a statement piece!!

- Favorite YouTuber: 

She is such a sweet and lovely girl, her videous are so fun to watch you can also check out her blog here.

- Favorite Tune:

This song is so upbeat and fun to listen to, I mean don’t we all just wanna stay young and not growup??!

- Favorite TV show: I have three, lets face it with the premier of new summer shows a TV show junky is bound to get crazed with new shows

This has got to be the most TV show that I anticipate each week, its only 4 episodes in but I love the mystery, the drama and the relationships, it kinda reminds me a bit of pretty little liars. If you haven’t seen this than what are you waiting for go download it.

If you love historic dramas than this is a must see for you, and if you love TV shows that are based on novels than GO WATCH!! This show is amazing, from the events, the history and OMG the characters are just phenomenal. 

Do you love Stephen King?? GO WATCH THIS!! This show is based on Kings amazing novel with the same name, it is just so gripping, it pulls you into the world of several people and how they are affected by what is happening. 

- Favorite app:

 I love getting random pics and vids; they brighten up my day.

- Favorite Book: 
The English American

 I listened to it on Audible here. This is such an awesome light read, it’s funny, sweet and emotional a perfect beach read.


- S

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