Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lets fly away..(1)

Hello lovelies,,

Ramadan is coming to an end and eid is just around the corner, if you, like me are traveling and still not sure what to pack, what to take with you and what to wear, then this series is perfect for you, Im gonna show you what I pack and how I pack, and bits and bobs along the way that might inspire you, be sure to check out my instagram for daily tips and pictures for travelers here.

I think of myself as a pretty experienced traveler, I fly a lot so you would think that I wouldn’t have any problems packing and gearing up with the perfect travel outfit, but I do!!

I spend countless hours scoring the net to find inspiration for my travel outfit until I create a fashionable yet comfy look that I think is perfect. Side note: It really gets on my nerves when people look completely sloppy at the airport. What happened to the days of dressing up to travel? A tracksuit is not suitable!

My ideal travel outfit has to be super comfortable yet still looks put together and chic, I always wear flats and have a cardigan and socks on hand because you never know how the airplane temperature changes, sometimes Im freezing and others Im sweating, today Im going to discuss various outfits that suit different styles.

Airport outfit tips:

-       Don’t wear big clunky jewelry or belts that are not easy to get on and off.

-       Don’t wear boots or shoes that you have to tug and struggle with, Remember Slip on shoes are your friends.

-       Always have a pair of dark sunnies just incase you get tired and want to look sleek when you land.

-       Take a large tote or a cross body bag that has a lot of pockets and make sure its easy to handle, you don’t want your bag catching your top whilst trying to take it off at security.

-       If you plan on wearing a belt just make sure that it’s easy to take off, stay away from metal belts!!

Rocker chic

Kim Kardashian

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Pretty Preppy

Julia from Lemon Stripes

Jessica Biel

Glam Queen

Kryz Uy from Thirsty thought

Boho Chic

 Alessandra Ambrosio

Kate Bosworth

 Sweet and girly

Candice Swanepoel

Keep a look out for the second part of the series where i'll be talking about what i pack in my make up bag..



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