Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lets fly away..(2)

 *google it for a clue to where i'm jetting off to*

Last post I wrote about creating the ideal travel outfit for you –see here- today we are continuing our journey to prepare for a fun summer vacation.

Ever wondered “What make up items should I take!!”, well I used to be and over packer when it comes to make up and when I say over I really mean OVER – no one needs two foundations and every shade of pink lipsticks there is- see picture below for proof..

But yes I used to be a heavy traveler, that is until I learnt the hard way, lets imagine a scene shall we?, Shoug at the airport with her precious makeup in her carryon bag passing through security and trembling not to get caught, because she just read a sign that says something about make up, I literally had to distract the guy at the scanner just to pass through!! Man that’s one experience I hope to never relive!!

Moving on, when your on vacation you don’t really need much makeup, why not give your skin a vacation too?? Let it breath and apply lightweight makeup, and since I am traveling to a tropical destination this summer I thought less is more.

So here are the things I have packed with me in my makeup bag:

Naked Palette
this will forever be my go to eye shadow palette, perfect for those summer nights

MAC skin finish in Dark
to give your face some dimension and couture

MAC Superb skin finish
If you’re looking to give your cheeks a bronzy glow, this is a perfect shimmer to enhance your summer tan

RIMMEL stay matte pressed powder
this is the perfect powder for a tropical weather, its light but effective, you can never go wrong with this powder

- Nars Blush in Orgasm and Deep Throat (gorgeous shades that look flawless and dewy)
MAC Blush in Prom Princesses (Perfect plum shade for those nude looks)

- Smashbox BB cream in Medium (who needs foundation when you have BB creams!!)
Urban Decay Tinted Moisturizer in Bulletproof (for those days when I just need very light coverage)

The Balm Meet Matt(e) palette (the only reason I'm taking this is coz it contains my favorite eyebrow shadow)

Liquid eyeliners
- Mikyajy in black twilight
- Urban Decay 24/7 in Radium
- H&M liner in Green (mix up your look don’t just opt for black!!)

Maybelline One by one volume express Mascara

- Benefit That Gal primer & Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion (a primer is a must for a tropical weather)
Maybelline FIT concealer

Coola moisturizing sunscreen

Pencil eyeliners
- MAC Designer Purple
- MAC Black Swan
- MAC Undercurrent
- NYX in Gold
- NYX in Silver

Do you have the travel bug?? Tell me what do you take in your makeup bag when you travel..

Next time we will be discussing lipsticks and how to choose the perfect colors for your vacation, EXCITING!!!


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