Thursday, November 28, 2013

For the love of Fozaza..

Hello lovelies,

This week has been full of events in our beautiful Bahrain, it’s been so fun attending and mingling with my fellow bloggers.

Last night Michael Kors Bahrain held a styling session with non-other than the queen of Blazers herself Lady Fozaza AKA Alanoud Badr, it was so fun finally meeting her and getting to know her, getting all chatty about fashion and style.

First there was a mini fashion session where models wore the looks that Alanoud has put together showcasing the clothes, bags and jewelry, and after that there was time to look around and take pictures and of course talk to her, I was there with Haya from I Speak Prada and Ali from The Sartori ali and Future fashion designer Muneera and her sister Maha, we had so much fun chatting about various things and of course snapping pictures.

Chatting with Alanoud was great, she gave advice on how to start in fashion and how to be s memorable designer not just a trend that fades away and won’t be remembered, she told us that if you want to be remembered find your style first and let it be unique and iconic, she was soooo fun to hang out with.

So I shall leave you with the pictures.

Haya, Ali and Myself helped Alanoud pick a handbag



I love the fact that the bag is held as a clutch

 That Bag is on my Must have list

Love this look, the flirty skirt and the embellished denim top and oh that bag!!

 Can i have them all MK? Pretty please with cherries on top?

 Seriously i am obsessed with MK watches!!

Bloggers #OOTN .. Now dont we look fashionable <3. And don't you just LOVE Haya's top!! she designed it and created it herself, and Ali is rockin' them shoes, and i can't not mention how gorgeous is Muneera's Scarf!!

Yes we became besties, coz when two awesome people meet that's the most rational thing to do!! oh and we did takes loads of selfies together!!


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  1. Lovely pictures and beautiful products!