Wednesday, November 6, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things: October

Heloo my lovelies

Well we are well into November- can you believe it just one more month till the new year and then January <3 anyway back to the subject at hand, with the supposed transition from summer to fall or winter or whatever is this weather we are dealing with in our beautiful island I've tried some new products that I absolutely fell in love with and others that I still can’t fall out of love with.
So without rambling on let’s just get into this post.

 *Monthly Favorites Dance*

First let’s talk about the beauty favorites,

NYX liquid eyeliner

Oh my god can this be any perfect!! It has the full package, it’s precise, pigmented and doesn't budge throughout the day.

Zoya nail polish in Giovanna

This emerald green is a gorgeous shade, I feel like a mermaid when I wear this, the way it glistens reminds me of Ariel’s tails. So yeah I’m a mermaid don’t judge me.

Candy Yum-Yum

This is the most gorgeous shade of electric pink I have ever seen, I love how it complements my skin and makes me feel so glam while wearing it.

Ruby woo

I have been obsessed with red lipsticks more than ever this past month, whenever I want a pick me up I just put on this shade and boom instant glam.

Rocket lash mascara by Maybelline

This has been my favorite to go mascara since back in January when I found it in turkey and we just got it here in Bahrain so I am soo thrilled about that!

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer

Oh my god guys, I have fallen back in love with my tinted moisturizers, but I especially LOVE this one from Laura Mercier, the coverage of this is phenomenal, it covers just right for an everyday use and its light, like you feel your skin still peeking through.

And now for the non beauty favorites

Sea to Santorini

I love bath and body works for so many reasons, one they have a scent that satisfies every taste, the candles have amazing designs and colors, and the names of the scents they have. This one was no exception, from the design of the lid to the name, and to the scent oh my god it smells like I’m walking down the beach and the smell of the breeze infused with flower scents.

Favorite Tv series of the past month, well as usual I cannot pin it to just one, so I have two shows which are new this fall.

Reign - CW

Oh my god, this show!! This is one of CW’s new fall tv shows, it is amazing on so many levels, I love history and throw a bunch of teens and love story line and I’m hooked. The story follows Mary Queen of Scots and he journey to the throne, the only way I’d describe this show it’s like The white queen meets gossip girl and both those shows are a fav of mine so yeah, hooked!!
Check it out 

Witches of East end - Lifetime

I do not even know how to begin telling you guys how much this show is AHMAZING!!!! If you’re into the witchy, mystery, love triangle sort of shows then you will LOVE this!! Me and my best friend describe it as it’s like Charmed but not like Charmed in so many ways, like you’ve got the four witches, the mother hid that fact from her two daughters and now they are starting to learn how powerful are they, I think I got hooked just 5 minutes into the show, it’s amazing, amazing, amazing!!
Check it out 

Favorite Tune on the month

It takes two - Katy Perry

Katy is a genius, she knows what she wants and what her audience wants and she delivers, everyone was so hesitant while waiting for her new album, we feared it might be going down a dark path-thanks to all the promos- the day it came out I downloaded and listened to all the songs and oh wow!! I love this new approach, its more mature, has so much feeling and its mind blowing.

Royals – Lorde

I’m sure this song is on everyone’s favorites of the month, If you don’t know who Lorde is you must be living under a rock, I found out about Lorde back in September while browsing through Katy Perry’s radio station in Music on my iphone, and her song BRAVADO came on, I loved it, it was like Lana del ray meets the new Katy –side note: did you know Katy Perry offered Lorde to go on tour with her but she turned down the offer- anyway so I went and googled her and there were a list of songs, I downloaded and listened and fell in love with the beat and melody of the song, another favorite of mine from her is MILLION DOLLAR BILLS.

Favorite app


I have rediscovered my love for tweeting and I guess that’s because I’m back to being a working girls, but yes I tweet random things, RT a lot of horoscope tweets so follow me if you dare @Shougalebrahim

Favorite Food

Vanilla Tea Latte

Am I the only one that walks into a Starbucks and orders tea?? Raise your hands if you are a tea kind of person, the best thing about my new job is the timing, I have enough time to pass by the nearby Starbucks and get my daily fix of tea, their vanilla tea latte is amazing on so many levels.

Favorite Fashion item

JustFab Madrid Shoes

My favorite type of heels are wedges, they are comfy, gives you good balance yet stylish, so when I saw that I had credits in my JustFab account I thought why not get those shoes, although I wasn't 100% into them, but I did get them, a week later they arrived and I swear I haven’t worn any other heel since, they are the most amazing transitional wedge sandals, you can wear them casual, posh or even for work, they are oh so comfortable and easy to walk in, now I’m not a heels type of girl but this one has got me hooked!

Favorite subscription box of the month

PopSugar Must have box

Last month popsugar’s must have box exceeded my expectations, after not really loving the September box, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about October’s but man did I love it – I promise my next post o going to be about PopSugar must have box to introduce it to the beauties that still haven’t heard about it.


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