Monday, November 25, 2013

Sweater Weather Tag

Ciao Bella..

So I have been seeing this tag around the internet and thought that it’s safe to pass this weather as “Sweater Weather”.

No long introduction here, so let’s get right into it.

1-   Favorite Fall candle.
Ok, so I am I candle hoarder, yes I love candles and yes I have way to many, and I love walking into Bath&Body works and stepping out with 5+ candles, and yes I do have candles for every season!! So right now the candle that I am burning is Marshmallow Fireside, it smells so warm and fallish I just love it, I can’t smell it and not smile.

2-   Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
Without a doubt tea, you guys I am a total tea person, I do not enjoy coffee, maybe I used to at one phase of my life but I have come to learn that I do not like it, give me a cuppa and I am god to go, right now I am loving Cinnamon Chia latte.

3-   Favorite Fall Memory.
Hmmm that’s a hard one, since we do not have fall where I live, it’s either summer or winter and we get the latter for maybe just two months, but I think my favorite fall memory goes was back to when I was living in Scotland, just walking out in the streets, out and about shopping you can feel and see how the season is changing everything around it, it’s beautiful.

4-   What Fall trend are you loving? Winged eyeliner or dark lips?
First of all I rock winged eyeliner daily, I do not like my eyeliner any other way, I used to wear it winged even before it was cool and everyone would go like why do you have a triangle on your eye, HELLO!! Anyway I love both, as soon as October hit I brought my dark shade out of hibernation.

5-   Favorite Fall Fragrance.
I’d day Hermes’s Marvelous is My go to fragrance.

6-   Favorite Fall Food.
Pumpkin Soup, I LOVE pumpkin soup!! Oh and popcorn.

7-   What is Autumn weather like where you live?
Well as I mentioned we do not have autumn, just a bit of winter ad a whole lot of summer, but maybe we can call the transitional week or so autumn? If so it’s hot during the day and chilly at night.

8-   Most Worn sweater.
Well my favorite go to sweater that I love and adore is one I got from a small boutique in turkey; I love how huge it is yet so stylish.

9-   Must Have Nail polish.
I am berry berry berry inlove with dark berry shades, is it the obvious? I just love how awesome they look during cold weather, my go to berry shade fro now is Coco by Julep. P.S follow me on Instagram to see my #NailsOfTheDay

10-  Boots or UGGS.
BOOTS!!! I love boots, they are most amazing thing that can happen during colder weather, sure UGGS are like marshmallows on your feet and are so comfy but I’d go with boots.

11-  Skinny jeans or leggings.
LEGGINGS, they are comfy, cotton and come in various colors!!

12-  Favorite Fall song.
Are there fall songs?? Hmmm I have no idea but the current song I am loving is Drive by Miley Cyrus. LOVE HER ALBUM!! Oh and I love listening to acoustic songs during fall.

13-  Is Toffee Nut worth the hype?
Not a coffee person, but the times I did try it wasn’t really my thang, but what I do hate about it is how the baristas try to make you buy it!! GET OF MY BACK AND GIVE ME MY TEA LATTE WOMAN!!!

14-  Favorite Fall TV show.
Oh god!! My weakness!! I watch over 50 shows so yeah. I aint choosing no favorite right now but I’ll just say that CW and ABC are blowing the roof off the TV, well if the TV had a roof, their shows are all amazing at the moment!!

15-  Favorite Fall color.
Oxblood, Burgundy, Maroon whatever you like to call it. I’m loving that color right now!

16-  Your #1 favorite thing about fall.
Camping out in the Desert, I look forward to it every year, my favorite thing ever!

And i tag all the Bloggers, and YOU, comment and tell me your favorites.


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