Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Let’s Salsa

Good day gorgeous readers,

No we are not here to talk about food, and no we are not learning to dance, im talking about a different type of Salsa, the brand..
A couple of weeks ago I was invited by the ever so sweet Nasreen to an event hosted by The Salsa store in City Center Bahrain to get a glimpse of their new collection and to get fitted with the perfect fit jeans.

I think before this time I have been to salsa only once since it opened in City Center, I have this thing about being attracted to color and I guess coz it’s a bit dark I never thought of entering, oh boy was I missing out.

From now on let me just say I WILL NOT JUDGE A STORE BY IT’S COLOR

The place was beautifully set inside and the staff were super friendly and funny, I met with my fellow bloggers while waiting our turn to get fitted by Ekram Aabed who is the Salsa Shop Manager, she was super friendly and gave measured me from hip to shoulders, i tried on a bunch of jeans that were a perfect fit for me until I decided on one of them.

We were lead to sit and enjoy the presentation about the new collection, first of all let me tell you this, I do not like presentations but this one was super fun and filled with fashion bits and bobs so I surly enjoyed it and Ekram’s presentation skills were mad awesome she had us engaging with her all the time, she presented us with the different body shapes (The Grape (Hourglass), The Banana (Straight), The Pear (Wide Hips), The Apple (wide Middle), and The Strawberry (Wide Shoulders)).

Once the presentation concluded we had time to take group photos and chat some more. At the end of the night we got to take our perfect fit jeans home with us. *YAAY*
This week I decided to finally take those said jeans out for a spin, once I put them on I realized something!!


They have moved up to be by far my favorite jeans I own, whether dressed up or dressed down they look amazing, they truly do work like the way mentioned in the presentation, pure magic, I’ve been wearing them almost everyday now.
So if you are in need of a pair of new jeans, go head straight to salsa and get fitted, trust me they are totally worth it, they have a mind-blowing collection ranging within the Push-In, Shape-Up, Hope and Sculpture!!

Oh and if you happen to go tell them Shoug sent you <3.

I’ll leave you now with the pictures.

Salsa is located on level 1 in Bahrain City Center.


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  1. I love the whole outfit, you always pull of the best of outfits <3